Master Profile Gauges

Located in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, Company started manufacturing activities from 2016.

Master profile is the company manufacturing all types of Gauges, Mandrells and all the special toolings as per the requirement of customers.

We are catering to all the Gear industries OEM and their ancilleries in India.

* Progressive and Evolving company. 
 * Experience and skilled manpower
 * Customized solutions
 * Committed delivery schedules
 * Consistency in Quality
 * Pre and Post  sales Technical support


" We give the complete Solution for checkig & Clamping the component with high Quality of the product"

Machines Available Are As Below

•VMC Machine With 4th Axis.
• CNC Machines.
• Spline Machining (Spline Grinding SPM).
• Wire cut Machine.
• DRO Machines.
• Cylindrical Grinding Machine.
• Surface Grinding Machines.
• Lathe Machines
• Drilling Machine.
• Profile Projector

Type of Gauges list

➢ Spline Plug Gauges
➢ Spine Ring Gauges
➢ Taper Mandrels
➢ Taper Spline Mandrels
➢ Serration Mandrels
➢ Hydraulic Spline Expanding Mandrels
➢ Hydraulic Expanding Mandrel

➢ Relation Gauges
➢ Multi Gauges ( All dimension checking in one Gauge)
➢ Position Gauges
➢ Concentricity Gauges
➢ PCD Gauges
➢ Linear Dimension Gauges
➢ Casting Gauges
➢ Gauge Fixtures

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